Edwar Habr - Founder and CEO of Hi Dev Mobile Inc.

Edwar Habr

Edwar Habr is a businessman, investor and online expert. He is the founder and CEO of Hi Dev Mobile, a software and hardware development company based in California.Currently, Edwar's mission is to introduce the role of Minister of Technology in the country of Lebanon. Through this endeavor, he aims to drive technological advancement in the country, fostering growth and benefits for both businesses and individuals alike.



RxMapper is a personalized medication monitoring platform and telehealth consult practice that was developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.RxMapper is used by Mayo Clinic certified pharmacists to analyze the DNA sequencing results of patients and identify which drugs patients should and should not take based on their DNA, resulting in lowercosts and better health outcomes.We would like to introduce RxMapper to the Arab Region.


AppWorld - create an app in 3 minutes

Built for creators, artists, SMBs and entrepreneurs, AppWorld helps you create an app with no code in minutes. With AppWorld, you can create your own app or connect with apps as a user, receive messages, upload and share your artwork (for example), embed content, social feeds and recieve payments via stripe or paypal!We are currently speaking to a medical company in the US to on board their doctor network to utilize AppWorld to connect with patients. If you have any type of industry connections or see an opportunity where AppWorld can instantly be plugged in and used, please let me know. We can also white-label the platform.


Booksmart App - Cheapest college textbooks

Booksmart helps students save the most money possible when it comes to buying or renting textbooks. Student can sell textbooks to other students on campus or sell them to a partnered online buy-back company. When a student searches for a textbook, they find the best prices for used, new, rental and e-textbooks, as well as student textbooks for sale on campus.Booksmart was profitable and had 20,000 registered users. I sold the company in December 2022 to a private company based in San Francisco.


Khod allows users to send and receive money virtually through their phone in Lebanon. Khod provides a new way to pay, away from cash and cards, by the use of USDT and other crypto based stable coins.My idea is for Khod to be the next PayPal for Lebanon. People need a simple way to send and receive money in Lebanon, especially with millions of tourists coming this summer. Also, with more and more companies outsourcing to Lebanese, their needs to be a way to quickly pay them :)

meet up now

Meet up now is a free to use dating app, that helps you find singles or anyone to hang out with while you're out in REAL TIME. There is no other dating out their like it.I own the platform, technology and brand, so I am willing to partner, white-label or sell the rights to it.


Upload videos for jobs you need done around your home on VidyPros to hundreds of local professionals at once, and let them come to you with bids. Our app tools help make projects a breeze from start to finish so you can get back to the important things.We spent two years building three apps for VidyPros. One for the consumer who uploads videos, one for contractors that watch the videos and one for landlords/property managers to manage tenant videos and contractors all in one app. The framework we have built for VidyPros can be applied to many industries, and we would like to partner with individuals or companies who can instantly plug in our tech into a userbase where it is needed now.


Cryptogram lets you publish and mint your Instagram posts into buyable and sellable NFTs in minutes. It provides you a 100% free minting experience with no hidden fees, and allows you to sell the NFT, make money and keep the copyright over the post.We currently have an opportunity to find a niche for our platform where it can drive tremendous revenue. You can purchase NFTs with your credit card through our platform and there are many more reasons why this marketplace needs more attention fast.

handle free

To mitigate the spread of viruses, we created a device to open doors Handle and Hands Free. A fast to install, safe to use and low costing solution, perfect for your office, school, restaurant, clinic, or home.Mayo Clinic approached me to develop this for their internal labs, and now I own the rights to developing and selling this solution globally.

AUto skill

The only app where you can rate anyone on their driving or parking by simply adding their license plate. AutoSkill is going to reward people for the safe, curious and legal driving, but also hold people accountable for their dangerous, rude and illegal driving or parking, so we create a safer driving environment for everyone.This was one of those fun projects I had where it still can go viral and actually be used. Insurance companies would love to know if their drivers are good or bad... this app can and will hold people accountable for their driving, which will ultimately save lives and mitigate accidents.